Floodlight reporters work from around the country, with one exception. Our Gulf Coast project is an ongoing body of journalism produced by Floodlight’s two Louisiana reporters in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and other regional partners.

The following are special series published by Floodlight and its partners.

Fueling Disinformation

How the extraction industry and its stakeholders are spreading disinformation across America

Polluting Democracy

A Floodlight series spotlighting monopoly US power companies, dark money and political manipulation

Power Play

Floodlight, NPR, the Orlando Sentinel and other media partners revealed how utilities paid a consulting group that infiltrated local news media, attacked clean energy foes and intimidated public officials. The two stories with NPR were selected as finalists for the 2023 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting.

Gulf Coast

Floodlight — with partners at WWNO, the Lens, and the Louisiana Illuminator — is reporting on greenwashing, misinformation and the lack of corporate accountability in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.

Electrified Greed

Utility corruption in the United States is growing. Floodlight explores why, and what could curb the greed gripping some sectors of the industry.